Mixing digital manufacturing and traditional bench skills

The identity of living or business spaces can be accentuated by contemporary edge and a healthy amount of personality of my project and contract furniture. I work closely with all my clients - builders, architects, interior designers or private customers - to make sure my furniture is crafted to compliment the clients’ taste and lifestyle.

Meeting room in an informal surrounding

Four different materials are used in this interior: dark brown Concrete plywood, solid Meranti, Bamboo and solid Maple. They all come together in the central-object of the space, the Ty-Rap Conference table. Bookcase 'Stack' and storage closet 'Squary' make an impressive wall-filling combination. A simple bamboo ladder gives acces to the upper shelves and storage compartments. The design of Ty-Rap armchair 'Sewey' was especially developed to complete and give this space a fresh and modern look.

Two different atmospheres in One

The Bamboo material around the fireplace gives an extra warm feeling to this living area. Hidden behind the sliding doors is a grey Mdf closet with enligthened glass-shelves, drawers and storage compartments.

At the other side, two integrated folding desks, give a new function to the middle area of this groundfloor. The surprise effect of the orange Mdf interiors makes this an attractive spot for either home-office use or study.

Luxurious as well as basic concepts in design

The requirement for this folding cocktail bar, was to create a piece that would stay in the family for several generations. In 2003 it was installed in the former house of this architect, in 2010 it moved to his new house in Amstelveen. When opened the lights switch on and you have your service-area ready. Made from American Nut.

In the basement, the rough material of the 18.5 meter closet is quite an opposite, but perfectly balanced by it's detailed manufacturing. The compartments are customized for storage-purposes, tool-space, stocked wood, etcetera. The looks of the underlayment spreads a warm and pleasurable sphere in the basement.

Two kitchens, Two identities.

This spatial design, optimizes the use of the space. Dishwasher, fridge and oven are installed at the back, on a level where they are easy accessible. The combination of Bamboo, Grey Mdf and Stainless Steel, together with the simplicity in details, creates a contemporary modern kitchen.

For a family of five, this kitchen is the central spot in the house. It was designed to fit their taste and lifestyle like a glove. The dark Bluestone top, together with the solid Greenheart, Bamboo and White-washed plywood creates a characteristic homey feeling. Pictures recent, kitchen in use since 2006.